Stonewall Youth Soccer Association
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Today we thought we would answer two questions we

get asked a lot.


1.  What is the most important thing to teach tactics or skill?


Well from our perspective it is skill development. Whatever system you

use during a game, your success will be limited to the individual skill of your players.
This is why we need to focus on individual skill development.

2. How do I make practices fun?


That's probably the most important question.
We think the secret lies in focusing on these three success factors.




Both Coach and player should have an expectation of what is required at the next practice.
In this way both players and coaches can review drills before practice.
This helps improve practices enormously when players and coaches
know what they are doing. If practices run smoothly from drill to drill and according
to a predefined one is standing around wondering what is daisy picking,
lots of smiles and encouragement and swift movement

from section to section.
- Remember to remind players to practice at home 


***Include More Fun Drills***


Players love to shot and score, they like to play games.

Build finishing and small sided games into every practice.


***Bring A Positive Coaching Attitude***


We can't emphasize this one enough...many parents and

coaches come from stressful work situations direct to practice.
It is only human for some of that stress to creep into attitudes on the field.
There are ways we have found to combat this.


Use this before you get out of your car .. this will take you along way.
Look in the mirror of your car and say...


Today is a great day for soccer...were going to have

 fun today!


Say it three times...Out loud...


I know it sounds goofy but it is guaranteed to put a smile

on your face....and once you start smiling you will have stress beat...then go on
out there and have some fun! Praise a lot, smile a lot encourage everyone to be supportive.