Stonewall Youth Soccer Association
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Please note that if you are registering multiple kids you will have to register them each separately.



STEP 1 – Personal Information


Player Information

  • If you played soccer last year and registered online you ARE a returning player. You will have an access code. To find your access code click on “what is my access code” you will be asked to put in your child’s birthday & name. You will then be sent an email from the email that you used last year for soccer.  Worst case call the Manitoba Soccer Association and they will assist you.:
  • If you are new to online registration then you are a new player



  • This is how we contact people, give updates, etc. So make sure it is an email that you will check regularly.




  • Stonewall Youth Soccer Association



  • Turing 3-8 (this year) is Mini. Please note someone might be 2 and turning 3 in October, they are still able to play in the U3 & 4 as they are turning 3 this year. This is how it works for all the age groups. There will be kids who are 6 playing in the U7&8 as they haven’t turned 7 yet.
    • U3 & 4 2016-2017
    • U5 & 6 is 2014-2015
    • U7 & 8 – 2012-2013


  • Turning 9 (this year) and older is Travel. 2011 and earlier.



  • We are expecting about 60 coaches required for just mini. If we do not have enough coaches we will have as many teams as there is coaches. Then we will draw names for spots and give refunds to those who’s names don’t get drawn.
  • For travel we are expecting about 24, plus team managers on top of that.  The same goes for here we will only have as many teams as there is coaches and there is a limit to how many kids we will put on a team.



  • This is only for the Mini Soccer coaches so I know what size of shirt to get them. NOT for the kids.



  • Please put the name of the guardian coaching.
  • If you checked of NOT coaching please put in Not Applicable (just so we know you didn’t accidently miss it)


You will not move to Step 2 unless all the required information is correct.


STEP 2 – Programs & Products

Check off the box that applies to your child



STEP 3 - Consent

  • Please check off the box to receive email from Stonewall Youth Soccer Association
  • Sign the waiver



STEP 4 – Payment

  • Put in your payment information.
  • You will receive an email that will also be your receipt.